Year 4’s Viking Day!


At school today, we had a visit from a real life Viking! We were told about the history of the Vikings, where they came from and when the Vikings lived in Britain. We learned about how the Vikings made their clothes ,what they were made from and what they would use to dye them with. We learned about their home life, how their homes were used and how many different families may have lived under the same roof. 

We then got to make a Viking necklace each called a “trollkors”. The Vikings would wear trollkors to ward off trolls and other scary mythological beasts. We used three thin pieces of metal which we twisted together and then folded before bending the metal into the shape of the trollkors. 

We all tried our hand at weaving to see how the Vikings may have made their cloaks, blankets and other warm clothes made of wool. We also used clay to write our names using Viking runes and decorated these with patterns. 

Our Viking day was finished by the campfire with a story about Kings, Blacksmiths, Dragons and Trolls!