Y6 Maths Conference for Children

We had an amazing time today at The Blandford School. Thank you to all the parents who helped with transport. Here are some of the things we enjoyed most:

  • making new friends
  • meeting up with old friends
  • meeting new teachers 
  • getting to experience ‘The Hub’ so it is no longer an unfamiliar place
  • getting to choose my lunch (although I didn’t always make healthy choices!)
  • learning to budget when buying lunch
  • being more ‘grown-up’ and independent


We also got to experiment with loads of different maths skills. Here are some of the things we enjoyed most about the maths part of the day.

  • ‘cracking the code’ (using BIDMAS)
  • learning how to do things in different ways
  • learning practically
  • being competitive and being on top of the division leaderboard
  • the Roman numerals bingo
  • learning new maths skills
  • being a ‘tiny teacher’ and teaching others new skills


And…finally…Mrs Jones was immensely proud of all of us – she said that we were: independent, well behaved and a credit to Pimperne Primary School.