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15th June 2020

Managing Money!


Story: One parent’s solution to helping her children manage money during the lockdown period was to buy a vending machine for the family!

Question: How should we learn to manage our money?

Picture News Paper – 15th June

Picture News at Home – 15th June

Resource 1 – 15th June

Resource 2 – 15th June


8th June 2020

Picture News Special Resource – Black Lives Matter
Primary Picture News England Coverage document – Summer 1 2020
Black Lives Matter 2020 Resource – June 2020




25 May 2020

Story: The spread of fake news is spreading quicker than normal in current times.

Question:  Should we always believe what we hear from the news?

Picture News at Home – 25th May

Resource 1 – 25th May
Resource 2 – 25th May
British Values – 25th May
Picture News Paper – 25th May




11th May 2020

Story: A new set of satellites will provide all corners of the world with internet access!

Question:  Who does outer space belong to?


Picture News at Home – 11th May

Resource 2 – 11th May

Resource 1 – 11th May

Learning from Home Ideas – 11th May

British Values – 11th May

Picture News Paper – 11th May



4th May 2020

Story: The toy world has a new craze – llamas!

Question:  What makes some toys more popular than others?

Picture News at Home – 4th May

Learning from Home Ideas – 4th May

My Favourite Toy

Toy Design

Picture News Prompt 1 – 4th May


Picture News Paper – 4th May

Resource 1 – 4th May

Resource 2 – 4th May


27th April 2020

Captain Tom Moore Resource – April 2020

Picture News Special Resource – Captain Tom Moore 2020

Picture News Paper Blank





13th April 2020

Story: All summer tests and exams have been cancelled this year.

Question:  Are tests the best way to check our learning?


Picture News at Home – 13th April

Picture News Paper – 13th April

Picture News Resource England – 13th April

Resource 1 – 13th April

Resource 2 – 13th April

British Values – 13th April

Picture News Prompt 1

Picture News Prompt 2

Leaflet plan

Learning from Home Ideas – 13th April

My Test


6th April 2020

Animals in the Wild

Picture News at Home – 6th April

Picture News Paper – 6th April

Resource 1 – 6th April

Resource 2 – 6th April