Reminder for PE.

As mentioned in your class handbook, necklace, chains or bracelets should not be worn in school and no form of jewellery is allowed during PE/Games. Watches are not needed by children (as we have plenty of clocks around the school premises) but are permitted as long as they are not ‘smart watches’ with internet capability. Watches will need to be removed during PE sessions and children are expected to look after their own belongings.

It is of particular importance that earrings are not worn during PE and we ask that they are either left at home on PE days or they are removed by the child prior to the lesson. Following the National Association for Physical Education guidance, ‘staff may not remove or tape earrings’. Please be aware that we encourage as much physical activity as possible during the school week and we do not feel it is acceptable for a child to miss statutory PE sessions because they are wearing earrings.  If they cannot be removed by the child or be taken out if they are new, then we ask that tape is put over the ears/earrings at home. It will always be down to the member of staff teaching the lesson to consider the risk assessment. This may, on occasions, result in children being asked to step out of parts of lessons and, where possible, be offered an alternative activity.

Thank you for your help and support.


PE Curriculum