Party day at Family SEAL

The first part of the session was spent in discussing how children change as they grow up. Then it was party time with the children. Everyone enjoyed the food and games.

Great write up from the parents this week.
‘Family SEAL has been a wonderful experience for myself and my child. I’ve taken away many new bits of advice and will use them in the future. Many thanks to Mrs Gatehouse and Mrs. Brannigan.’

‘This has been an absolutely fantastic learning and enjoyable experience. Thank you so much to Mrs Brannigan and Mrs Gatehouse for your input. My child has really enjoyed his Thursday afternoons, as have I.’

‘Family SEAL has been a great opportunity to share experiences and think about aspects of parenting. It has also been lovely to spend time with my child doing fun activities.’

‘A great time to learn, talk, laugh and being with our kids.’

‘A great party. Thank you.’