School Uniform

School uniform can be obtained from ‘Ragtags’ in Blandford or from My Clothing Limited online.


29 West Street


DT11 7AW

Tel: 01258 455707 Fax: 01258 455707.

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Reception class to Year 4

Navy blue jumper/cardigan with School Logo

White polo shirt (with or without Logo)

Grey or black skirt or trousers

Black school shoes (not trainers)

Summer dress (Navy blue/white check)

Socks or Tights (Grey/White)

Years 5 and 6

Navy blue jumper/cardigan with School Logo

White collared shirt

School tie (available from the school office) Year 5 plain striped tie / Year 6 tie with logo

Grey or black skirt or trousers

Black school shoes (not trainers)

Socks or Tights (Grey / White)

Games /PE kit for Year R to 6

Navy blue t-shirt with school name on the back (available from the school office)

Dark blue or black shorts

Plimsolls and/or trainers

Tracksuit when cold including jogging bottoms and warm sweatshirt


We ask children not to wear jewellery in school. If children have pierced ears then plain stud earrings are required. Children should be able to remove earrings independently for PE sessions. If they are not able to do this, then earrings should not be worn on PE days.  


For safeguarding reasons, watches that connect to the internet, or use wi-fi to phone, message and have video, camera or coice recording facilities, are not allowed in school.  There are plenty of clocks around the school and it is preferred that children do not wear watches.  Class teachers should be made aware if there is a specific need for a child to have a watch. Watches must be removed for PE sessions and are the responsibility of the child.

Long hair should be tied or fixed back, out of the child’s face.  It is preferable that long hair is plaited or put into a pony tail or bunches to minimise risks of it getting caught.  Hair accessories should conform to our school colours of navy blue.  Fashion accessories are not acceptable for school.  Hair should be tied back for PE sessions as this could present a health and safety risk.

Nail varnish must not be worn in school. Children will usually be asked to remove it at home, however, if necessary we may ask that the classteacher or office staff remove the nail varnish during the school day.