Throughout each term a selection of extra-curricular clubs are offered to children of varying ages, as an optional activity after the school day finishes.

Some of these activity clubs are run by outside agencies (known to the school) and others may be run by school staff themselves.

Each term a list for these activity clubs will be sent home with the children. We operate a first come, first serve basis for places in the clubs and you will be notified if your child is successful or not.

The activity clubs run by outside agencies will be charged for according to that clubs own policy and payment is made directly to that club. The staff run clubs have a general charge of £5.00 each term; this charge covers the schools costs for providing a drink and biscuit, and any further resources needed. They are not run for profit.

On the odd occasion that a club cannot run, the School Office will make contact you as soon as possible, usually via a text message.

We warmly welcome any parent with an interest in a particular area to support our staff run extra-curricular activity clubs. Please contact the School Office if you have time available.


After School Clubs – please click on the link below

Extra curricular clubs Autumn 2019

SIS Letter Sep 19


Due to the whole school timetable, clubs occasionally miss dates as staff are otherwise engaged.  This will usually be set out in the club list information.