Our Viking Projects

Last week we started to share our Viking projects with the class; it was fascinating to see all the different methods the class had come up with to share their research on the Vikings.

Mollie had baked some authentic Viking style bread and made a poster detailing a typical Viking meal. George and Ella both constructed model Vikings ships, complete with shields and oars. Ollie and Julide detailed various aspects of the Viking lifestyle, such as when, where and how they came to England, what type of weapons they used and even their alphabet- which were called runes. Finlay had made a Viking house out of stone with grass outside and sand on the floor inside to represent the muddy floors the Vikings would have had in their homes. Vinny made a factsheet all about Viking long ships with details on the materials and length and also the reason they have a dragons head on the front of the ship.

We hope to share the rest of our projects this week.