Our Learning this Week

Week Beginning 28th June 2017


Maple Class (Reception)


This week we will be:

  • Looking at tricky words: when, what, one
  • Labelling parts of the castle 
  • Creating a family coat of arms to label and write about


This week we will be:

  • Adding and subtracting 1 digit numbers and 2 digit numbers


Chestnut Class (Year 1)


  • Using suffix ing, er, est, ed
  • Planning a story

Maths: multiplication and division


Cherry Class (Year 2)

English: identify the structure of a recount

Maths: identify and find fractions


Willow Class (Year 3)

English: possessive apostrophes and newspaper reports

Maths: fractions


Silver Birch Class (Year 4)

English: fractions and equivalents

Maths: adventure story writing


Oak Class (Year 5)

English: newspaper reports

Maths: line graphs and fractions


Sycamore Class (Year 6)

Rehearsing for end of term production