Our Learning this Week

Year 4's Viking Day!

Week Beginning 1st April 2019


Maple Class (Reception)

English:  We will be completing assessments and recapping previously taught sounds

Maths:  We will be completing assessments

We have collected all Home Support Books in ready for parent(s)/teacher consultations next week.


Chestnut Class (Year 1)

English: Reports

Maths:  Revision


Cherry Class (Year 2)

English: Information reports

Maths: Inverse relationships

Willow Class (Year 3)

Practising for production


Silver Birch Class (Year 4)

Practising for production


Oak Class (Year 5)

English: Diary writing

Maths:  Measurement


Sycamore Class (Year 6)

English: Revision

Maths: Revision