Our Learning this Week

Week Beginning 11th November 2019


Maple Class (Reception)

English:  We will be learning to read and write: w, x, y, z, qu 

Maths:  We will be looking at number recognition and number ordering


Chestnut Class (Year 1)

English: Retell a story

Maths: Numbers to 20


Cherry Class (Year 2)

English: Non -Chronological reports

Maths: Missing Number Problems


Willow Class (Year 3)

English:  To draft a recipe. To use the apostrophe for possession. To identify prepositions

Maths: To measure in mms and cms. To solve word problems involving measure


Silver Birch Class (Year 4)

English: Writing Instructional Texts

Maths:  Multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000


Oak Class (Year 5)

English: Persuasive writing and recapping on phrase vs clause

Maths:  Mental multiplication and division


Sycamore Class (Year 6)


  • subordinate clauses
  • preparing for Hot tasks


  • fractions
  • simplifying
  • equivalent fractions