Our Learning this Week

Week Beginning 18th September 2017


Maple Class (Reception)

Settling in


Chestnut Class (Year 1)

Phonics: oy, ir, ue, aw


  • capital letters and full stops


  • count on and back from any number up to 50
  • find 1 more and 1 less than a given number


Cherry Class (Year 2)

English: fables

Maths: place value


Willow Class (Year 3)

English:  descriptive writing 

Maths: place value activities


Silver Birch Class (Year 4)

English: hot task and extending sentences

Maths:  mental addition and column addition


Oak Class (Year 5)

English: non chronological reports

Maths: standard written methods


Sycamore Class (Year 6)

English: sentence construction and brackets, commas and dashes

Maths:  tests and rounding numbers