Children’s Maths Conference – Maths Matter Blandford Network Initiative

Twenty-two Y6  children attended a Maths Conference at The Blandford School today (the remaining children went to a Swimming Gala). In the first session, half of Y6 ‘manned their stall’ whilst the other half got to go and try out maths activities from the other primary schools in the Blandford Network. They then got to swap roles.

Our ‘stalls’ included:

  • a dominoes game
  • a beat the computer game (similar to Connect 4)
  • a drawing and measuring activity

Not only did Y6 spend most of the day enjoying maths, they also got to make new friends (ready for September) and experience The Blandford School dining hall – choosing and buying their own lunch. Secretly, I think that choosing lunch was the favourite activity of the day!!