Family SEAL – Relationships

A lovely way to spend the afternoon. Discussing relationships within groups and how some like to take the lead and others are followers. There then followed a challenge between two groups to see who could build the tallest, free standing tower. Even Mr De silva turned up in his dressing gown to see what was happening. (We were supporting ‘Children in Need’ by having a ‘onesie and pyjama day’).









The parents had this to say
‘We had lots of fun building a tower.’
‘We enjoyed working in a team to build a tower.’
‘Great fun building the tower – so close to glory!’

Hoping that you are all as excited as we are about ‘the return’! During our first week we will be updating our website calendar with as much information as we have about the year. Please do use this as a source for knowing when events are scheduled. 

Breakfast Club and After School Club bookings have been extended until Monday lunch time for the first week back. If you have not booked yet using the online system please do. Last Minute bookings can still be made by telephone to the school office. 

Monday 4th is INSET day, therefore we look forward to seeing you all, fit and healthy and raring to go… on Tuesday morning.