Family SEAL – Going for Goals 2

Half way through our family SEAL program. All parents have said they are actively trying out the ideas put forward during the sessions are are finding positive results.

Today everyone had the chance to play games with their child to see if the concentration was there to keep going and finish the game. Many children and adults had a little bit of competitiveness in them and were all keen to finish!

Remarks from today’s meeting:

‘Enjoyed playing Connect 4 and Snakes and Ladders. ‘

‘My child really enjoyed making puzzles.’

‘My child really enjoyed being back at SEAL with me and I enjoyed the game playing time with her.’

‘My child enjoyed playing with a little bit of cheating!’

‘My child enjoyed the dominoes and Ladybird game, even mummy learnt new rules!’

‘My child enjoyed playing the games and was determined to keep going until he’d won.’