David Hockney – iPad art

“Hockney first discovered the iPhone during the winter of 2008. “I was fascinated by it, because I think it’s a stunning visual tool,” he says. “It took a while to master how to get thicker and thinner lines, transparency and soft edges. But then I realised that it had marvellous advantages.” He uses an app called Brushes.”

Using David Hockney pictures as stimuli, Y6 have been experimenting with using the App Brushes to master their own drawing techniques. They have learned about changing colour, different brush types, how to use layering and how to zoom in to add fine detail.

Our Brushes artwork has focused on scenes from the American and Canadian Rockies to tie in with our ‘People and Places’ topic.

Drawn by Boe


Drawn by Charlotte


Drawn by Amelie


Drawn by Sophie


Drawn by Seren