Pimperne School Council

Our School Council

Year 1: Solara and Teddy

Year 2: Bella and Harry

Year 3: Martha and Jacob

Year 4: Olivia and Jack

Year 5: Poppy and Will

Year 6: Ava and Max

Our School Council meets at least half termly to discuss any issues that have arisen around the school or within classes. They also look into any correspondence that they have had, requests for fundraising, charity days or whole school events that could make a difference. The Council regularly look into how we as a school could support some charities each year. Charities are proposed and a selection are carried forward as the ones that the children would like to support. 

The School Council meet with prospective candidates for teaching posts within our school and contribute their feedback to the staff.

The School Council represent their class members and their ideas for the future of our school.

The School Council will undertake learning walks and studies of our environment to make suggestions as to how areas could be improved.  We hope their may be opportunities for the Council to meet other School Councils to discuss the ideas going on in their schools. There may be times when the School Council will want to present items to the whole school staff and suitable meeting times will be established.