The Staff

Mrs. F. Waller

Deputy Headteacher
Mr. N. Roberts

Leadership Team
Mrs. P. Fisher
Mrs. T. Jones
Mrs. C. Brannigan

Administration and Finance Officer
Mrs. S. McCarthy
Mrs. J. Brealey

Special Education Needs and/or Disability Co-ordinator (SENDCo)
Miss. S. Lee

Maple Class (Reception Class)
Miss. S. Lee – Class Teacher
Mrs. K. Brown – Class Teaching Assistant

Chestnut Class (Year One)
Mrs. A. Mathlin – Class Teacher
Mrs. S. Ings – Class Teacher (On Maternity)

Mrs. N. Hayward – Class Teacher (Maternity Cover)
Mrs. L. Brookes – Class Teaching Assistant            

Mrs. K. Raine – Class Assistant

Cherry Class (Year Two)
Miss L. Roe – Class Teacher
Mrs B. Beasley – Class Teaching Assistant

Willow Class (Year Three)
Mrs. C. Brannigan – Class Teacher

Mrs. J. MacKenzie – Class Teaching Assistant
Mrs. F. Knight – Class Teaching Assistant

Silver Birch Class (Year Four)
Miss. S. Tatham – Class Teacher
Mrs.K. O’Boyle – Class Teaching Assistant
Mr. R. Rose – Class Teaching Assistant
Mrs. G. Gale – Class Teaching Assistant

Oak Class (Year Five)
Mr. N. Roberts – Class Teacher
Mrs. D. Emmet – Class Teaching Assistant

Sycamore Class (Year Six)
Mrs. T. Jones – Class Teacher
Mrs. AM. Pearson – Class Teaching Assistant
Mrs. R. Green – Class Teaching Assistant

HLTA – Intervention Learning Support & ELSA
Mrs. G. Gatehouse

Music Teachers
Mrs. L. Leese
Mr. K. Jackson
(Drums & Guitar)
Mr. N. Evans

Lunchtime Staff
Mrs. L. Brookes
Mrs. S. Miles
Mrs. K. O’Boyle
Mrs. R. Green
Mrs. J. Mackenzie
Mrs. V. Rowe
Mrs. C. Stokoe
Mrs. G. Gale
Mr. R. Rose
Mrs. B. Beasley

Breakfast Club Staff
Mrs. J. Dugdale
Miss H. Stroud
Mrs. A. Petersen
Mrs. G. Gale
Mrs. R. Gregory
Mrs. N. Trew

After School Club Staff
Mrs. K. Raine
Mrs. S. Kevern
Mrs. J. Dugdale
Miss H. Stroud
Mrs. N. Trew

Cleaning Staff
Mrs. A. Winn
Mr. H. Robertson

PPA Cover        
Mrs. N. Hayward
Mrs. A. Sylvan
Mrs. L. Bemand